Automotive Madness -Funny Pics


Extraordinary (Idiotic) Drivers and Their Magnificent Machines

Most of these cars and their lucky owners are from Russia and Eastern Europe... Not that in 'Soviet (or post-Soviet) Russia the car gets to own YOU', but perhaps because the people are more desperate to use whatever they got to keep their veteran cars on the road - and we salute their ingenuity!

Get me to the church on time! -

Making the best of a bad situation

Why can't you operate windshield wipers yourself? -

Bravo! Yet another use for the old CD:

Why fix it when you can still drive it? -

Keep it filled up with gas! -

In love with your car? then order special rings:

Marry your bike! Yea, we say, MARRY IT! -

Marry your car in a car church, while driving -

Give it all-around protection:

When the cars finally die, you can still recycle them:

Use tires for fencing:

What's the point of that? -

And you die, then your undying car will keep you company:

(photo by Peter Lawson, Eastnews Press Agency)

Outwardly appearance / automotive beauty

Lovely, cute - and unutterably ugly customs - it's all in the mix:

This Bentley is prepared for anything:

And this Lamborghini means business:

Turbo! You can eat my smoke -

Over-the-top tires:

Over-the-top car audio systems:

An IKEA delivery? Hope he's got the assembly instructions:

Part of Japanese craze of extreme customizing... inspired by popular manga vehicles... or just a product of some very special madness:

Bus transit courtship & romance:

Stickers are always fun:

Look inside: great interior features!

This seems a bit heavy on gadgets and monitoring, but apparently all this stuff is useful in a race: this is the new VW Race Tuareg built for the Dakar Rally 2011

(image via)

DIY Bike Customs

Three wheels and three sticks... that's all you need:

(photo credit: Popular Mechanics, 1934)

And when you are in the more serious mood (this monster bike was built in Netherlands,

Trunk enhancements... and still hauling way to much!

Arrrgh! -

Trailers are fair game, too

When you lack the funds to buy actual trailer, then everything 'similar to it' can be used - with varied success:

Exceptional parking as a way of life.

Some parking photos will make you wonder, how on Earth could that happen? -

Cars vs. Snow pages were quite popular on DRB short while ago:

Sweet revenge on a police car:

Accidents? They are facts of life... a little humor goes a long way:

Simple driving is not enough - you have to perform some acrobatics

The Bionic Woman vs. a Mini:

The Bionic Mr. Bean vs. a Mini:

Texting, talking, dialing: he's the master of it all! -

These cars have seen better positions:

Blame it all on a dog:

Get famous! - get a Harrison Ford picture: