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Quotes of the Day

"Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgment."

Rita Mae Brown

Top 13 Tools For Efficiently Running Your Online Business

Top 13 Tools For Efficiently Running Your Online Business: "
If you own a business, especially one that's entirely online, it is likely that you’ve got a distributed workforce. That means your employees (and contractors and partners) are located in different countries around the world.

Running an online business efficiently--and productively--requires the use of various tools and apps that can help you properly communicate with your employees, collaborate easily on multiple projects and hence compensate for the lack of everyday face-to-face interaction that happens in a real world office.

Following are ten tools that every web based business owner should consider for greater efficiency and productivity. All of these general tools that can come in handy irrespective of the type of business you run.

Basecamp is without a doubt the most popular web-based project management tool. Its interface is simple and easy to use, lets you create multiple projects with various customizations, share files, create to-do lists and milestones, and do much more.

Zoho Projects
Zoho Projects is usually considered ahead of Basecamp for online project management in terms of features. However, it's viewed as slightly more difficult to use. Zoho Projects has been surging in popularity since it was launched, and you should take a look at it too.

Google Apps
Google Apps is a package of popular Google tools like Gmail, Google Docs and all, allotted specifically for your domain. Needless to say, it is must-have for any online small business owner, at least for Gmail on your domain if nothing else.

Zoho Suite
Zoho Suite also offers an impressive suite of online tools for businesses (Zoho projects, discussed above, being a part of it). Ranging from docs to wiki, reports to CRM and planner to invoice, there’s a huge number of applications to choose from.

Hipchat is a cool group messaging service that is multi-platform, helps you share files, create chatrooms and lets you collaborate quickly with multiple people in real-time. It replaces the back and forth emails and hence saves time.

Yammer is another tool that aims to foster better communication among a group of people. It is a private social network for your business, and has an interface similar to popular social sites (like Twitter).

Any list that talks about tools for collaboration and conducting business can’t be complete without Skype. Skype remains the defacto method for making audio and video calls online, helping people save tons in phone bills and communicate with friends and colleagues around the world.

Dropbox is a brilliant online backup and synchronization tool that has a host of features to suit individuals as well as small online business owners. It’s easy to setup and has a decent free plan too.

Mozy is another popular online backup service and has a product called Mozypro that’s meant for businesses wanting to do a secure data backup on the cloud.

Most of the online businesses require some form of invoicing and there’s no better tool than Freshbooks. It helps you manage invoices, track time and even manage your accounts. If you are a freelancer or a service provider who manages a team of freelancers, this is an invoicing tool you should consider using.

Unless you are freelancer and don’t own a site or a blog, chances are that your web business is centered around a website (or websites). Pingdom is a monitoring tool that alerts you via emails and SMS when your site goes down. This ensures that you know immediately about downtimes and can take swift action.

Evernote can take notes on the desktop, browser and mobile, enables quick capture of anything on the screen and serves as an organization tools for random ideas, text, images and more.


Last but not the least, we’ve got Nowdothis. This is the simplest of the tools mentioned so far, and yet extremely effective. It helps you get rid of the myriad to-do lists and lets you focus on one thing at a time. And that’s the best way to actually get things done. :)
నచ్చితే నలుగురికి చెప్పండి...నచ్చక పొతే వదిలి పడేయండి ....!

The Power of Words


గచ్చిబౌలి దివాకర్









-గచ్చిబౌలి దివాకర్
అనకాపల్లి  టీం లో  14th ప్లేయర్
మ్యాచ్ రికార్డ్స్-


-దివాకర్ గారు సెమీస్ లో పాక్ పై మమ్మల్ని గెలిపించాడని ఎంత  ప్రాక్టీస్ చేసారో మాటల్లో చెప్పలేను-

 ప్రాక్టీసు లో దివాకర్ గారు ఎన్నో గాయాలకు గురి అయ్యారు. అది తలచుకుంటేనే చాల బాధగా ఉంది. -

Ohhhhhhhhhhh ……… God

                                          మేము ఆయన నుంచి ఎన్నో బ్యాటింగ్ మెళకువలు నేర్చుకున్నాం-

  దివాకర్ గారి లో ఉన్న ఫైర్ నా బ్యాటింగ్ లో కనబడుతుంది  -

మేము తీసే ప్రతీ వికెట్ ఆయన చేసిన కృషి ఫలితమే-

Out…….. out………. Out I say -

నేను మ్యాచ్ లో వత్తిడికి లోనైనప్పుడు దివాకర్ గారి కల్మషం లేని మొహాన్ని గుర్తుచేసు-కుంటాను అదే నా విజయ రహస్యం

I don’t know how boys are crazy about me .They praised me a lot. My boys did wonderful job in world cup. 

ఇండియా టీం వెనుక నేను ఉన్నానని నా పేరు బయటికి రానీకుండా మీడియా వాళ్ళు తొక్కేసారమ్మ టాలెంట్ మొత్తం తొక్కేసారు.

రండి! బోయ్స్ అండ్ గాళ్స్ నాతో చేతులు కలపండి. మీరు నాలా enjoy cheyandi....!

Dhoni is Dhoni


An impossible love…

An impossible love…: "
This is, of course, an impossible love. The cat does not seem interested at all…

Impossible love

More seriously, this is a very nice picture of animals…

55 Beautiful Bird's-Eye Photos by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

55 Beautiful Bird's-Eye Photos by Yann Arthus-Bertrand: "One interesting trend we have noticed recently is the use of a bird’s-eye view to take photographs. Modern photographers love to experiment with things and observe how people interact with their work. Although not yet the most common trend, still, as new design styles come up and more and more photographers notice and make use of them, it promises to be an interesting area.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand is a French photographer and environmentalist who has a tendency toward stunning bird’s eye view photography. Revealing Earth from above, Yann Arthus-Bertrand reveals wonderful symmetry and color. The scenes captured by his camera are fresh because of their unusual angles.


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