Creative Pet Captions

 "I’ll have him to go."
 "Now THAT is a friend."
 "Sleeping like cats and dogs."
 "I wish I had an underwater shot."
 "This is either the cutest puppy or the biggest tennis ball I’ve ever seen. "
 "Naptime for blondes only."
 "Get a room! Or a leash."
 "This is the last time he finds a vet through his insurance."
 "I’ve seen that look in your eye before."
 "Everyone has a favorite stuffed animal."
 "Endless love. So long as they don’t run out of Windex."
 "Everyone needs a nice spot to rest their head."
 "They’ve got their modeling poses down."
 "This pillow keeps licking him."
 "My pets always hog the bed too."
 "He may be a small dog, but he’s got a big bark."
 "Naptime for the puppy means it’s naptime for mom."
 "He just learned not to use the cat door."
"This is so cute. A dog kept watch over an injured bird until it could fly again."