Keep Your Eyes on the Ball! (Funny Pics)


Don't drop that ball! Whatever it takes, YOU HAVE TO CATCH IT!

Looking at these faces, you'd think that the Whole Fate of the Universe depends on whether they catch the ball, or not. But then again, maybe the world does depend on some weird eventuality like that. Maybe all it takes is just 42 misses, and then the Answer to Everything will be lost again.

Looking at these facial contortions, it's hard to believe there are only 52 muscles in a human face:

Getting to the ball may require some contortions:

This guy does not have to catch the ball, he has to hurl it - even if he bursts at the seams while doing it!

Escaping the ball (or baseball bat) can be a useful skill, too:

Keep your eyes on the ball! -


నచ్చితే నలుగురికి చెప్పండి...నచ్చక పొతే వదిలి పడేయండి ....!